Lessons–online or in Seattle

Heck yeah! I’d love to work with you!


Here are some of the things I’m really good at helping people with:

Transitioning from classical violin to folk or rock

Folk improvisation–any instrument

Troubleshooting pain and tension

Music theory–or “musical anatomy” as I like to call it–on any instrument

Fiddle technique and style – advanced or intermediate* (adults and devoted teens only) … beginners, please scroll down for my note to you!


If you’re looking for ongoing feedback, you’ll want…

Option #1: Email/video exchange lessons


Our interactions happen via email, so you can easily refer back to my responses any time you like, forever.

That means we can cover more ground with the time we have together, meaning you get a lot more bang for your buck than you would with weekly live lessons.

Another benefit of this format is that our schedules don’t have to line up–so it’s great if you’re busy (who isn’t?), or if we’re in radically different time zones.


Here’s how it works:

You can email me as often as you want with:

Cool experiences you had
Whatever you want feedback on or just wish to share with me.
Include as much video, audio, etc. as you like.

I can help you figure out the technical parts of making and sending these files so that only I can see them.  There is no expectation for anything to be polished in any way!

I will reply once a week, thoroughly, with suggestions, assignments and empathy.  Depending on what we’re working on, my response may include any combination of text, video, audio, and PDFs.  If I haven’t heard from you in awhile, I’ll write to check in on your progress.  (Accountability might be half of why you want a teacher, am I right?)


Email/video exchange lessons: $135/month

Click the button below to set up a monthly autorecurring payment via PayPal.

You can add an a la carte live lesson (see below) to your plan at any point for a discounted rate of $50.

Questions? Click here to ask me!.


Option #2: Live lesson (a la carte)

via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout

This is a great option if you want one-time or intermittent help on 1-3 specific topics per lesson.  Examples would be making a solo sound more bluesy, troubleshooting wrist pain, or talking through anxiety you feel walking into a jam.


60 minute lesson: $65

To purchase:

  1. Click here to submit a payment via PayPal or credit card.
  2. Then send me a message to let me know you did, so we can talk about scheduling.


Looking for in person lessons in Seattle (Fremont), instead of online lessons? Contact Dusty Strings to get started! It does cost slightly more than taking online lessons from me, which helps pay for the space. But Dusty Strings a great community to be part of; I think you’ll enjoy it!

Dear, lovely beginning fiddlers:

I adore you!  Adults and teens who take on an instrument are such an inspiring bunch to work with!

But in most cases I suggest beginners find a good local teacher, if one is available, to help set you up for long-term success with your posture and bow technique.

These things are just a lot easier to communicate in person, so the teacher can walk around you and provide correction using touch and vocal instructions while you’re playing.  (Current video chat technology doesn’t let audio flow in both directions at once, so if you’re playing, you can’t hear your teacher talking.)

If you can’t find a local teacher, or can’t find one you like, feel free to contact me about beginning lessons and we’ll talk about options for working together.  If I don’t think it’s going to be the best fit for you for whatever reason, I will do my best to provide a good referral.

YouTube is also a nice free source for basic information, of course.  However, I strongly recommend against relying on YouTube exclusively. You miss a LOT without continual one on one feedback from a teacher in your first year or so of playing.  It’s just too darn easy to develop habits that are incredibly difficult to break, and which will massively impede your progress down the road.  Injury is a real possibility.

If you’re determined to go this route, please consider booking an a la carte lesson with me so I can give feedback on how you’re doing so far and what to keep in mind as you go forward.