So what’s your deal, Kat?

Why, thank you for asking!  Can I just say that I like you already?


I’m a fiddler, singer, and music teacher.  When I’m home, I’m in Seattle, Washington — but I’m often on the road with bands.  I mostly play bluegrass and country, but I adore any chance to collaborate with indie rockers and jazz/swing players, too.


Since 1996*, I’ve been helping fiddlers** and other musicians learn to make music they like, with people they like.


*Full disclosure: I included this date for those who want me to be old or experienced before they decide to trust me.  I am one of those things but not the other.


**Do you call yourself a violinist instead?  Welcome!  As a folk musician who is also classically trained, I use the words “violin” and “fiddle” interchangeably.   I default to “fiddle,” because I’m most often hired to play and teach bluegrass and country.  But if you’re a rock, swing, or pop “violinist,” or aspire to be, I’m with you!  You’re in the right place.


I also love working with people who play other instruments and want help with their jamming, improvisation, and/or music theory skills. I play guitar and mandolin, too, and a little accordion, piano and ukulele. But I’ve worked successfully with improvisation and music theory students whose instruments I don’t play at all! These are truly universal musical skills.


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Regular collaborations:

Coty Hogue – roots/Americana


Jessica Lynne and the Cousins – contemporary country

The band that I lead:

I sing, write songs, play guitar and accordion for Thimble vs. Needle.

Guest performance highlights:

I feel bad even picking favorites here, because I have gotten to play with so many amazing musicians over the years. But here are some of my high points as a guest performer:

  • Singing with bluegrass legends Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum at a Puget Sound Guitar Workshop faculty concert
  • Fiddling and singing with Jason Webley, one of my songwriting and performing heroes, at Western Washington University
  • Fiddling and singing with Celtic-infused pop rockers The Clumsy Lovers to a hyperactive sold-out crowd at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern
  • Recording violin tracks with math-rock geniuses Rooftops for their album A Forest of Polarity

Past bands (just a couple of them):

Feed & Seed (2006-2008) – bluegrass – I step into the shot to take a solo at 1:39.

Big Sur (2009-2015) – indie/folk

Pirates R Us (2006-2008) – folk punk sea chanties – explicit lyrics like whoa!

(and yes, I know her name is Valerie Solanas, not Solaris.)

In addition to working with over 150 adult and teenage students in my private studio and small group classes, I’ve had the great privilege of teaching at:

California Coast Music Camp

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop

Northwest Women’s Music Celebration

Washington Old-Time Fiddlers Association Workshop

Ted Brown Music Tacoma’s Live It Out Loud Program

Bellingham Folk Festival

I’ve also written articles for Mel Bay Publications’

Heck yeah, you can.

It’s easy if you live in western Washington state.

If you don’t, it’s still easy to work together on recording projects.  (Thank you, internet!)

I am extremely willing to travel anywhere in the world for live performances, but of course transportation costs become a factor.

Contact me and let me know what you’re working on, and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Absolutely!  Contact me and let me know what you need.  I’m happy to help you figure out what you need, if you’re not sure.

I do offer discounted rates for Seattle area nursing homes and the like.  I have a whole set of material for elders!  It is such an honor to connect with isolated seniors, and play songs that bring back memories.

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