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I’ve been a professional consulting astrologer since 2012, and wow, what a privilege!  It is such an enormous honor to provide you with tools astrologers have been developing for thousands of years, as you go about sorting your life.

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Is it time for you to have a reading?

Probably! Here are some of the reasons you might be ready for a session with me:

Reason One: You’re committed to your personal evolution and want to know more about this phase of your life.

Astrology is a brilliant tool for gaining insight into your own, unique growth process. It slices through the garbage we all absorb from the outside world about what everyone “should” do and be, and sheds light on what you need to do and be in order to live your most radiant, effective life.

Even better, astrology helps us understand the timing of how our inner and outer lives are unfolding. So we can talk not just about who you are in general, but how to maximize the potential of this exact point in your life and prepare for the future.

Reason Two: Someone told you it’s your Saturn return (or some other astrological catch phrase), and they made it sound scary.

If you’re within a few years on either side of 30, 40 or 60, and things feel in flux–you’re not alone. These are intense, transitional times when we’re all transformed (in our own unique ways) by forces that are clearly described by astrological indicators.

But you don’t have to cower under a vague fear of buzzwords like “Saturn return.” Nor will you help yourself by simply blaming every unpleasant thing in your life on them.

Instead, let’s talk about what these astrological phenomena are really telling you. We’ll discuss what they mean in general. (Spoiler alert: it’s not as bad as you think, and actually pretty awesome). More importantly, we’ll talk about what they mean for you–how they relate to your birth chart, and what that tells you about how to thrive best during these transformative years.

Reason Three: Gah! Holy hell, your life is complicated right now! What the crap is happening??!!

This is one of the most common reasons people come to me. Maybe you’re in some kind of transition–starting or leaving a significant relationship or job or college, moving long-distance, or processing a traumatic experience, for example. Or maybe everything on the outside is fine, but suddenly everything feels difficult and you don’t know why.

Let’s go into depth about whatever you’re currently experiencing, both internally and externally. We’ll look at the information from how your chart is unfolding at this point in time to better understand the themes underlying the relationships and conditions of your life, and how you’re reacting to them.

Throughout the session we’ll focus on finding the path forward that will help you maximize personal growth and minimize pain… and also where to find the strength to withstand necessary growing pains gracefully.

Reason Four: you’re trying to decide whether to do X or Y.

Contemplating making a big change in your life and have it narrowed down to a couple of options? I can help you cut through the noise of what others might be pressuring you to choose, and work out what’s likely to help you be happiest in the long run.

Reason Five: You want more insight into a significant relationship.

Astrology is amazing for this! Click here for more information about relationship readings.

Reason Six: You’re just curious about astrology!

Maybe you love the entertainment of newspaper and phone app horoscopes, but you can intuitively sense that there must be more to astrology than what they’re giving you. You’re right–that’s just the tip of the iceberg! (And to be honest: there’s often a fair amount of doo-doo mixed in with the ice from those sources.)

We’ll go waaaay deeper into your whole birth chart, factoring in information from the moon, the planets (even Pluto!) and other points in your birth chart, as well the convoluted relationships between them all. Going this much farther into your chart means significantly greater depth about your process of personal growth, as well as things like your love life, spiritual life, relationship to change, and your mental, physical and emotional gifts and challenges.

Click here for a bunch of examples of specific questions astrology can really help with.

No matter what your reason is, I would be honored to work with you. The next step is to click one of the buttons below:

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