Let’s dig into your chart, shall we?


Here’s what will happen after you purchase:

  • I will plug your info into a computer program that will spit out the relevant chart(s). (An astrology chart is a map of the sky at a particular moment and place, such as your birth, or your most recent birthday.)
  • I’ll then spend an hour or two on my own, analyzing the positions in the chart(s) of the sun, moon, planets and other astronomical points, and the relationships between them.
  • We’ll meet up on Zoom for a chat about what you’re experiencing now, what you’d like to experience more or less of, and how to make that happen using your unique gifts and personality patterns.
  • I will follow up by emailing you a recording of our session, so you don’t have to try to remember every detail or spend a lot of time taking notes.

“What will I get out of it? How specific will it be?”

Astrology is reliable in its revealing of the themes that define our individual and collective experience during a given period of time.  It’s also fabulously specific about how we can be most strategic in our personal growth, projects and relationships as we meet the challenges of a particular phase. 

It’s not as useful for predicting granular details, without knowing the context–and this confusion is the source of most questions about the value of astrology.

I’m an astrologer, not a professional psychic.  What that means is that I won’t know the specific details of your situation unless you tell me. It’s up to you how much you choose to share with me. Of course I will keep anything you tell me confidential.

But! Regardless of how much detail you give me (or don’t), there will probably be a lot of moments where I say something that rings true for you in a way I couldn’t possibly have known with the information you gave me. That’s usually how astrology works.

I’ll probably tell you a lot that you haven’t thought about consciously, even if you know it intuitively. Some of it will be flattering to you and some of it will be more challenging. You can expect to take away a variety of useful, practical insights into how to approach your unique situation.


Note: exact birth time is non-negotiable if you want to get your money’s worth. You can estimate if you need to, but it will make a noticeable difference in how specific I can get. The time may be on your birth certificate, or a parent might remember. If you can’t get your birth time, we can discuss applying astrological chart rectification techniques; additional charge may apply.

Looking for something more basic?

Real astrology is intensely personal.

Real astrology helps us understand our internal wiring, and that of the people we love.

Real astrology empowers us to participate fully in our own unfolding.

I’ve always been reticent to offer any stripped-down version of this work, given the cultural climate where we are surrounded by cheap knockoffs of astrology. (“Buy a lipstick designed to reflect which of exactly 12 kinds of people you are!”)
I’ve wanted to give my clients and friends the experience of the deep work that can happen when a competent astrologer introduces you to the complex patterns coded in their full astrological charts.
The thing is, that kind of astrology is also pretty complicated, requiring lots of prep work on my part. That means it also typically costs more than some other kinds of divination that are more “walk in, ask your question, get an answer, walk out,” such as tarot readings.
This is not to diss tarot or any other divination modality; I adore them, too.  But in my experience there’s a real difference in the type and scope of information they provide.
If you’ve had meaningful experiences with both in-depth astrology and more intuitive, oracle-type readings, the price difference isn’t a problem.
But in this day and age, that’s rare.  So, here’s a new option, on a trial basis, for those of you who are curious about professional astrology but not ready to take the financial plunge for a full consultation: