Resources for fiddlers

Tune Archive

80+ tunes in standard notation and tablature!
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Stuff I think you should learn

Salt Creek: 1, Kat: 0, and what you can learn from my epic fail.

Chords: What to play when you don’t know what to play.

Bluegrass vs. other genres — what makes it bluegrass?

Megan Lynch Chowning on Texas style vs. bluegrass

Wanna learn a pretty waltz I wrote?


Strategies for practicing

How to practice (without freaking out or getting bored).

How to practice when you don’t have time.

How to find your way back to practicing after a crazy summer.


Keep your chin up

Why being an adult learner is awesome.

The suckiness of being a beginner.

Connection is the whole point.  Now more than ever.


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Regional links

Washington Old-Time Fiddler’s Association – They put on the cheapest/best fiddle camp I know of every summer, among other things!  This one’s for kids and adults.

Puget Sound Guitar Workshop – My home away from home.  Not just for guitar players.  But it is just for adults and teenagers.

California Coast Music Camp – Another great acoustic camp for adults.

Bellingham Ceili Club – If you live in Bellingham, WA and are interested in Irish music, this is the scene for you!

5 Starr Jams – jams for bluegrass and related genres in Bellingham, WA