Rippin’ Bluegrass Soloing – Online Course!

Is this you?

  • You’re interested in bluegrass music–although you may not be sure you could define it.
  • You’d love to work on making your solos more interesting, more coherent, and more confident.
  • You consider yourself an advanced or intermediate fiddler.  Or maybe you’re still calling yourself a “beginner,” but you’ve been applying yourself steadily for several years, and you play with other people on a regular basis.
  • You have some experience improvising.  Maybe it still scares the crap out of you, but it’s not a brand new concept.  (Perhaps you already took my Fiddleprov class!  If not, you’ll have another chance this winter.)

If that’s you, yay!  I’ve made a course just for you.

Rippin’ Bluegrass Soloing
4 week online course

You’ll learn:

  • Some of the most commonly played bluegrass songs, and where to go to find the rest.
  • What differentiates bluegrass from other genres of acoustic folk music.
  • How to work with double stops and blue notes to create a more authentic bluegrass style.
  • How and when to pick out the vocal melody on your fiddle and embellish it…
  • …and how and when to leave the melody behind in favor of some sweet, hot licks.
  • How to structure your solos so they sound fluid, and you don’t get lost in the song form.
  • How to solo in a bunch of different keys–so you don’t have to shy away when someone calls a tune in B or Eb.
  • How to recognize common patterns among bluegrass, so you can learn new ones more quickly–and even solo on songs you’ve never heard before.
  • How the fiddle fits into the overall context of the band and song… so you never have to worry about looking like a jerk or a newb.

Here’s how we’re gonna do this:

  • Weekly video classes: I’ll send you a link to a new video lesson at least once a week for the duration of the course.
  • Play-along practice tracks: Each week you’ll get audio files to practice with, specifically designed for your needs as a bluegrass fiddler.  I’ll play guitar and sing tunes, leaving lots of open spaces for you to practice soloing.  Because they aren’t live people, you can repeat the same song as many times as you want without annoying anyone!  And because they aren’t studio recordings of famous bands, they won’t be going a million miles an hour… at least not in the early stages of the class.  Doing it this way also means I can give you play-along tracks for the same song in different keys.
  • Private Facebook group: I’ll set up a private Facebook group for course members.  This way we can easily share recordings, videos, and historical information that helps us all deepen our knowledge of the genre.  It will also give us a community of other bluegrass fiddlers–not always the easiest to find, since most bands only have one fiddler!

Expect to spend 3-5 hours a week on this… or more if you’ve got the time! But since everything’s recorded, you can come back to it anytime in the future.  So if you’re a bit short on time right now, but you know you want the material, get the course now and come back to it when your schedule opens up.

Register now (just $99)