The Quail Book of Fiddle Tunes

The tune archive has been replaced by the Quail Book of Fiddle Tunes!

It’s still free for email list subscribers, but now it’s about 100x prettier and better edited.

Click below to nab your copy!

97 pages of fiddley goodness, yours for the taking. 

  • 85 tunes, arranged in order of difficulty
  • Standard notation and tablature provided for all tunes 
  • Accompaniment chords given, for the benefit of your friends who play guitar (or bass, piano, mandolin, banjo….)
  • Genre associations listed for each tune, to aid you in further research

Tunes included:

Boil the Cabbage Down – On Top of Old Smokey – Shortnin’ Bread – Angeline the Baker – Blackest Crow – Cripple Creek – Red River Valley – Sweet Marie – Cluck Old Hen – Uncle Jim’s Jig – Wildwood Flower – Old Joe Clark – McNab’s Hornpipe – Oh, Susanna! – Mairi’s Wedding – Golden Slippers – What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor? – Planxty Irwin – Red Wing – Liberty – Devil’s Dream – Apple Cider Polka – Forked Deer – Annie Laurie Waltz – Soldier’s Joy – Kesh Jig – Snow Deer – Arkansas Traveler – Flowers of Edinburgh – Red Fox Waltz – Girl I Left Behind Me – Cuckoo’s Nest – Road to Lisdoonvarna – Crested Hens – Swallowtail Jig – Bill Cheatham – Cabri Waltz – Rakes of Kildare – Haste to the Wedding – Red Haired Boy – Big Sciota – High Road to Linton – Chicken Reel – Growling Old Man & Woman – Blackberry Blossom – Fisher’s Hornpipe – Billy in the Lowground – Huckleberry Rag – Peacock Rag – Hobo Jig – Cluck Old Hen (advanced version) – Ducks on the Pond – Pig Ankle Rag – Whiskey Before Breakfast – Temperance Reel – Staten Island Hornpipe – Ragtime Annie – Woodchopper’s Reel – Miller’s Reel – St. Anne’s Reel – Tam Lin – Blackberry Blossom (advanced version) – June Apple – Maid Behind the Bar – Angeline the Baker (advanced version) – Salt Creek – Mazeppa Hornpipe – Globetrotter Hornpipe – Blueberry Mead Waltz – Herrin’ Brook Reel – Metsakukkia – Shirele Tants – Money Musk – Ma Yofus – Flowers of St. Petersburg – Boil the Cabbage Down (advanced version) – Legacy Jig – Cherokee Shuffle – Ostinelli’s Reel – Hiawatha Hornpipe – Peaches & Honey – Post Horn Reel – Stone’s Rag – Blueberry Mead Waltz (advanced version) – Calgary Polka

5 thoughts on “The Quail Book of Fiddle Tunes

  1. Thank you Kat for making these fiddle tunes available. My Dad played some of these by ear and when he passed I inherited his fiddle. I have learned to play it but am still an amateur.

    Truly appreciate your generosity .


  2. Hi Ms. Kat,
    Thank you for the collection. You did a wonderful job!
    I will try to forward your email to Leslie Beck, my lower intermediate teacher at the workshop in July.
    Peace be with you!

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