Virgo: Like a Virgin

Poor Virgo. It must be the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac.

As a tweenage proto-astrologer, I used to read the packages of zodiac jewelry and other assorted astrology-themed crap at the mall. Uniformly, their descriptions of Virgos would go something like this: “Detail oriented perfectionists. They like to keep everything tidy, and make good secretaries, accountants, and librarians.” Snooze. And then: “symbol: virgin.” Ha ha! Weirdos. Everyone else gets to be scorpions and rams and stuff, and these people are virgins.

Oh, but this is character assassination. Totally unfair.

So, okay. Let’s clarify. The whole virgin thing? It’s not about being innocent, or too boring to have fun. Think about nuns, monks, or the vestal virgins of ancient Rome. For these folks, chastity is about focus. It’s about not getting distracted by relationship, or (for women, traditionally) by the responsibilities of being owned by a man.

This, then is the core of Virgo: the quest to be complete by oneself, self-fulfilled and refined. From there, Virgo can—like those holy folks—be of genuine service to others. Genuine because, unlike most of the signs, Virgo gives freely, rather than as a ploy to receive something in return.

Guys, Virgo’s a really cool sign. You will find people with Virgo strong in their charts* in every kind of job, but they really shine in the helping professions. Virgos have probably saved your life a bunch of times.

And yeah: they can be perfectionists, too. If you’re close to someone with sun, moon or ascendant in Virgo,* you probably sometimes feel you can’t do anything well enough for their standards. Rest assured, they’re putting even more pressure on themselves. They have such a clear vision of how things could be—no, should be–that it’s hard for them to accept anything less. So (are you listening, Virgos?), part of the Virgo journey is learning to chill the hell out. Add “acceptance” to the list of things you’re cultivating in yourself.

This month, we’re in Virgo season until the 23rd. It’s a good time to check in about some of these Virgoan themes, regardless of our personal sign(s).* The following questions are all relevant for everyone, but I’ve arranged them by sign to help you zero in on which might deserve your best attention right now.

*We all have more than one sign. The one you know as “your sign” is your sun sign. Learn how to look up your moon and rising signs here.

Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius: How does your pursuit of excellence help you and others? When does it hurt? How might you let go of judgment?

Libra, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio: Consider your attachments to what others think of you, and what they offer you. You can, of course, stand on your own two feet. Do you?

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius: What kinds of service do you provide to others? Do you take pride in these efforts? What’s your motivation behind those acts?

(this article first appeared in the September 2014 issue of Bellingham on Tap magazine)

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