Get Past Your Fear of Weird Keys – online class starts July 23rd

Get past your fear of Weird Keys - online class starts July 23rd

Do you blanche when a bluegrass singer calls a tune in B? Or when a jazz player calls one in Eb?

If so, this class is for you!

Or maybe you’re fine with those keys.  But what happens when a singer-songwriter wants you to back them up in F# or Db? Do you feel like you can express yourself creatively in those keys as easily as A, D, and G?

If not, this class is for you!

Here’s what you can expect from this class:

  • Use the keys/scales you already know to figure out the easiest ways to approach the scary keys.
  • Learn to transpose familiar melodies into different keys, so your fingers get used to what the different intervals (aka the distances between notes) feel like in every key.
  • Learn to improvise in every key, so you can start to unlock your creativity outside your comfort keys. (It’s okay if you’re not already a confident improviser!)

Get Past Your Fear of Weird Keys
Online class (Zoom)

Four Thursdays
July 23rd – August 13
7PM – 8PM Pacific

Not a good time for you? Recordings of each class will be available after the session, along with any supplemental materials, so you can follow along on your own schedule.

You can also email me questions throughout the week, which I will address in the next week’s class and/or a follow up video after the last class.

Psst: this also means that my fellow introverts can choose each week whether they feel like showing up to the live class or not! ;)

Homework will be optional! I’ll give you things to do between sessions if you want to/have time. If you find time for them, you’ll make more progress during our four weeks together.

But if you don’t get to it, you’ll still be able to participate in the next week’s session without any problem. You can always do the homework assignments sometime in the future!

Why do I know so much about it?

Even with a degree in music and lots of lessons, I’ve had to figure out a lot of this stuff on my own through playing with dozens of bands and jam groups.  Lots of trial and so. much. error, while I figured out the patterns and strategies that I’m going to teach you now.  

I’ve worked with hundreds of students like you, adults and teens ranging from rank beginners to professional musicians. My students find traction as improvisers and genre-flexible players in a matter of months, not the years/decades it took me.

Get Past Your Fear of Weird Keys
4-week class
$99 USD

Suitable for intermediate to advanced players, by which I mean:

  • You have at least a year of serious study under your belt, even if you’ve never jammed with other players at all.
  • You also might have wayyyyy more experience than that. 
  • You might even be a professional musician yourself, but one who still doesn’t feel 100% fluent in the boogeyman keys at the bottom of the circle of 5ths.

I can’t wait to see you in class!