Fiddle Lab: Bow Wrangling – online class starts July 21st

Let’s level up your tone!  We’ll do some exercises, and learn a few slow pretty tunes with space to practice your new and improved technique.

Here’s what you can expect from this class:

  • a fuller, prettier tone
  • more control over volume and dynamics (and this is EVERYTHING when it comes to playing expressively and truly collaboratively with others… my philosophy is that the fiddle’s role in most genres is almost always about adding dynamic shape to music that would otherwise fall flat)
  • less physical tension, more fluidity
  • more confidence in the bow hold you’ve chosen (even if turns out you like something different than what I use)
  • more control over bow stroke transitions – so your smooth bowing is more seamless, and your choppy bowing is more percussive

Fiddle Lab: Bow Wrangling
Online class (Zoom)

Four Tuesdays
July 21st – August 11th
7PM – 8PM Pacific

Not a good time for you? Recordings of each class will be available after the session, along with any supplemental materials, so you can follow along on your own schedule.

You can also email me questions throughout the week, which I will address in the next week’s class and/or a follow up video after the last class.

Psst: this also means that my fellow introverts can choose each week whether they feel like showing up to the live class or not! ;)

Homework will be optional! I’ll give you things to do between sessions if you want to/have time. If you find time for them, you’ll make more progress during our four weeks together.

But if you don’t get to it, you’ll still be able to participate in the next week’s session without any problem. You can always do the homework assignments sometime in the future!

Why do I know so much about it?

Even with a bachelor’s degree in classical music and years of lessons in Texas, old-time/Midwest, and swing styles, there’s a lot I’ve had to figure out on my own about bow technique.

I’ve learned that truly being a sensitive player means you need a lot of tools in your toolbox. Every genre is different. Every band or collaborator is different. Every song is different.

Since it’s a core value for me as a musician to be able to work with and learn from lots of different artists, developing this expressive versatility was (and continues to be) essential.

It’s paid off! In the past few months alone, I’ve worked as a recording session player (remotely, obviously!) for artists in Sweden, Scotland, Connecticut, Alabama and my home state of Washington. The music has been everything from classic country, to hair metal, to indie pop, to a contemporary Christian pop ballad. Helping these artists manifest their creative vision is my favorite part!

I’ve also worked with hundreds of students like you, adults and teens ranging from rank beginners to professional musicians.

I taught a version of this course at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop a few years ago, to a very mixed-level group.  It was so encouraging to see how this material works for all kinds of players:

  • Beginners (and self-taught intermediate players) appreciated the deep dive into the foundations of getting a great tone.
  • More advanced players got a chance to take their bow game to the next level, often after years of focusing on left hand technique and repertoire building.

These building blocks of tone and dynamic control are relevant to ALL players who want to be more expressive in their playing!

Fiddle Lab: Bow Wrangling
4-week class
$99 USD

Suitable for:

  • beginners and intermediate players with at least a few months of playing experience
  • any player who is mostly self-taught
  • any player who wants to go deeper with tone production and ergonomics

I can’t wait to see you in class!