Example questions for an astrology consultation

Considering having an astrological chart consultation? You can read more about what I offer on this page.

You don’t have to have a specific question ready if you don’t want to. Sometimes when I’m feeling shy or just curious about a someone’s field that is new to me, I don’t ask them specific questions either. So if that’s where you’re at, I get it.

But you’ll get a lot more concrete, deep information from your astrology session if you do have 1 – 3 questions prepared for us to focus on. In case you need inspiration, I’ve made a list of a bunch of examples of things astrology can address really helpfully. You’ll find that list below.

I should note here that I am not a trained or licensed therapist. What I can provide you with is an astrological perspective on your situation, and the compassion of a caring friend. Most people feel reassured, inspired and empowered to make more confident decisions after we chat about the information from their chart.

I’m also not a professional psychic, and I don’t believe that your fate is fixed. (Nor, I suppose, do most professional psychics.)  Steven Forrest explains this well in his book The Changing Sky:

“Right or wrong, anyone who looks into your birthchart and tells you your marriage will break up is abusing astrology–and abusing you for that matter. That is not what the symbols are intended to do, nor is it what they do best. You are not a marionette. The planets that move through your chart year by year are not controlling your strings. That’s the old picture, and it has led to deep misunderstandings as well as needless worry and fear. The astrological forces… pose riddles, and each riddle has many solutions. Some of those solutions help us lead happier, more engaging lives. Others might only mire us more deeply in self-defeating existential sinkholes…. Which solution will we choose? The choice is left up to our own ingenuity, determination, and nerve. We are, in other words, free.”

Sample Questions


  • How can I have more fun in my life?
  • Why do I suddenly feel like shit all the time? Things were great a year ago.
  • How can I better express my true self in the world? What does that even mean for me, anyway?
  • How do I light a fire under my own butt to become more productive?
  • What kinds of adventures would invigorate and inspire me?
  • Why do I feel compelled to drink so much lately? (or do drugs, or have depressing sex, or stay up until 4am on YouTube…)
  • How can I get my act together? I can’t even get to my job on time, let alone keep the dishes washed or establish a regular exercise regime to improve my health over the long haul.
  • How can I understand and work with this fear (of _____)?
  • What’s up with this creative block, and what can I do about it?

Relationships and sex

  • How do I make my relationship work better?
  • How do I find a relationship that will actually make me happy? What should I be looking for? What should I avoid? What awesome things do I have to offer that I am blind to?
  • I’m thinking of marrying my partner. Is that a good idea?
  • I’m thinking of divorcing my partner. Is it a good idea?
  • Why do I cheat on all my partners, and how can I change that? Do I need to change that?
  • How can I understand and recover from this breakup/divorce?
  • Is it okay that I don’t really care about romantic relationships?
  • How can I understand and work with this fear of intimacy?
  • How can I have a fulfilling sex life?
  • How can I stop being distracted by sex so I can do and think about other stuff?

Money, work, power

  • Why can’t I seem to hold onto money the way some people can?  How can I change that?
  • I’m thinking about changing jobs. Is it a good idea?
  • Work sucks, and always has. What kind of job would i be good at, that would make me happy, and make me lots of money?
  • What would it take for me to start a successful business?
  • I lost my job. How do I make the most of it?
  • How can I relate to authority (mine and/or others’) in a way that doesn’t feel like living in a war zone?
  • I’m afraid of my own aggression. How can I better understand and manage it?
  • I am afraid to assert myself. What’s that about, and what can I do to empower myself?
  • Why do my business negotiations keep falling apart? What can I do about it?
  • What would it take for me to become famous? Would I even like fame if it happened?

Transitions, trauma

  • I’m starting college (or going back to college). How do I make the most of it? How do I manage my anxiety about it?
  • I am about to have, or just had, a child, and I’m kind of freaking out. Help?
  • I’m really sick. How can I manage this gracefully?
  • I just lost, or am about to lose, a loved one. How can I heal and find meaning in this?
  • How can I understand and recover from this rape or other traumatic experience?
  • What lessons can I take from this (whatever it is) so that it doesn’t suck quite so much?


  • What can I learn about my child that will help me be a more understanding and supportive parent?
  • Which patterns from my family of origin am I carrying forward into my life? Which ones are working for me, which aren’t, and how can I work with them more consciously?
  • How can I understand and heal my relationship with my family?

Friends, community, world

  • What kind of community can I join or create to feel more at home?
  • Why do I feel so drained by my friends?
  • How can I improve my communication skills with the people I care about?
  • How can I improve my communication skills with the public at large?
  • How can I be a better support for the people I care about?
  • How can I better serve the cause or ideal for which I’m an activist?